More than songs

“I always told the Lord, I don’t want to just add to the noise of music. There’s so many songs out there, so many different artists doing different things. The world doesn’t need just more songs.

My heart was that through the songs an encounter would be released, that people would encounter the living God. And that ultimately they would see Jesus for who he is, high and lifted up, shining in the light of his glory,  and that they would be transformed. ” —Adam Miller

  1. Abndance
  2. Be Entroned
  3. Blessed Hope (He’s Coming Back For Me)
  4. The Spirit and the Bride/ When He Comes (Spontaneous)
  5. I Lift My Eyes
  6. Never Forsaken, Never Shaken (Spontaneous)
  7. Come to the Water
  8. I Come to the One (Spontaneous)
  9. Faithful and True
  10. Forever Worthy
  11. You’ve Captured My Heart
  12. The Father’s Call (Spontaneous)

Adam Miller — Vocals, guitar

Aaron Miller — BGV

Johnny Miller — Electric Guitar

Mike Mayeux — guitar

Clay Webb — keys

Eric Chalmers — Drums

Jonathan Damico — Bass

Cindy Wallin — Violin


All songs written by Adam Miller, worship pastor of Life Church, Washington in Washington, Pa.

Recorded live at Northway, Dormont Pa

Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Adam Farrell

Produced by Adam Miller and Incense Rising